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ReFindit services API

Search service

send a HTTP GET request /find

Parameter: search

Description : the type of search to perform - simple (full text) or advanced (parametrized)

Possible values : simple, advanced

Parameter: limit (optional)

Description : the number of results to return from each DB

Possible values : positive integer

Default value : 5

Parameter: db (optional)

Description : the DB(s) to return results from

Possible values : crossref, pubmed, refbank, bhlarticles, bhlbooks, mendeley, agris

Default value : equivallent to all.

Order: the order of the values matches the order of results

Example: /find?search=simple&db=crossref&db=pubmed&limit=3&text=Smith

Notes: articles and BHL books only work with advanced search.

Simple (full text) search

Parameter: text

Possible values: any text.

Notes: Works especially well with CrossRef DOIs (like 10.3897/BDJ.1.e995) or PubMed Central IDs (like PMC3234428).

Advanced (parametrized) search

Parameter: title

Possible values: text

Parameter: author

Possible values: text

Parameter: year

Possible values: 4 digit year

Parameter: published_in

Possible values: text


CrossRef Advanced requires Author, 'Published in' and (Year or Title).

BHL requires at least Author or Title. BHL books uses only last names.